How to register with OMS to be able to work with CTIS?

Blanca Oñoro Sermes CRO Técnica de Documentación Clínica y Terapias Avanzadas en Sermes CRO

To be able to carry out a clinical trial in CTIS, it is previously necessary to be registered with OMS. In this article we explain the OMS registration process for sponsors and sites participating in clinical trials

MSD grants Sermes CRO its Diversity Award 2022

Premio diversidad Sermes CRO MSD Merck Sharp Dohme

MSD rewards Sermes CRO’s diversity in its “Power of Inclusion Awards 2022”, in the disability category. The global pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme selects us among all its vendors as the company that best represents the values of diversity and disability care

CTIS, year 2023: a critical moment for clinical trial management in Europe

What changes to expect in January of 2023 regarding the management of clinical trials in Europe? What have we learned in this first year with CTR 536/2014 in force and CTIS in operation? How much time is left until the transition period ends? How much time have the sponsors of clinical trials to adapt to the new situation?

“Advanced Therapies are the medicine of the future”: Mercedes Zurita, researcher and head of the Cell Therapy Unit at Puerta de Hierro Hospital

We interviewed Dr. Mercedes Zurita, researcher at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital and head of the Cell Therapy Unit at this site, the only one in Spain to offer NC1 therapy for patients with spinal cord injury. This novel treatment is the result of a long and successful research in which Sermes CRO has done its bit by contributing during the development of the entire clinical phase and by providing initial funding through the Sermes Foundation for Clinical Research

Survival Analysis Done Wisely

analisis de supervivencia estadistica ensayos clinicos sermes cro

Survival analysis is one of the most useful and frequently implemented statistic tools in clinical trial analysis, especially in the oncology field. Although the name of this technique may seem to be linked to the analysis of patients’ survival, it is a very versatile technique! Keep reading if you want to learn more about the features and components of this analysis!

Bravo for diversity!

Dia internacional del orgullo LGTBI Sermes CRO

In the LGTBI pride week we want to state, once again, what defines us as an organization: at Sermes CRO we are a company with a soul, a company in which the human – and social – component have a main weight. When we say “bravo for diversity” it’s not just words. We are talking about facts. Do you want to know why?

Clinical trials: the patient’s perspective

consulta del médico paciente ensayo clínico Sermes CRO

What are clinical trials? What is the point of clinical trials? Are they different from common clinical practice? Who is involved in clinical trials? From the beginning of the development of any drug until it is available to patients and health professionals, its safety and efficacy must be studied and demonstrated. That is exactly what clinical trials are conducted for!!