Survival Analysis Done Wisely

analisis de supervivencia estadistica ensayos clinicos sermes cro

Survival analysis is one of the most useful and frequently implemented statistic tools in clinical trial analysis, especially in the oncology field. Although the name of this technique may seem to be linked to the analysis of patients’ survival, it is a very versatile technique! Keep reading if you want to learn more about the features and components of this analysis!

Bravo for diversity!

Dia internacional del orgullo LGTBI Sermes CRO

In the LGTBI pride week we want to state, once again, what defines us as an organization: at Sermes CRO we are a company with a soul, a company in which the human – and social – component have a main weight. When we say “bravo for diversity” it’s not just words. We are talking about facts. Do you want to know why?

Clinical trials: the patient’s perspective

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What are clinical trials? What is the point of clinical trials? Are they different from common clinical practice? Who is involved in clinical trials? From the beginning of the development of any drug until it is available to patients and health professionals, its safety and efficacy must be studied and demonstrated. That is exactly what clinical trials are conducted for!!

From data recording to changing people’s lives: 25 years of Sermes CRO

Antonio Berlanga CEO Sermes CRO

Today is a big day for Sermes CRO. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!! Antonio Berlanga, our CEO, was one of the two people that founded the company back in 1997. We now have more than 250 employees and have managed mora than 1500 clinical trials during the last five years. Learn more about our history and our future reading the full article!

How to solve reimbursement to patients effectively

reembolso pacientes ensayos clinicos sermes cro

The lack of access of the clinical trial sponsors to the patients’ data is in line with the ethic that should govern any clinical research. Nevertheless, this rule can be a great obstacle when it comes to carrying out a reimbursement or payment to the patients. This is the reason of being of PayPat, a solution to the management of reimbursements towards patients, in which leading pharmaceutical laboratories already trust

Gene therapy, to be conjugated in the present tense

Dolores Perez Mendez Sermes CRO para blog

Gene therapy in humas is the transfer of genetic material to an individual with therapeutic purposes. The development of the gene therapy in the last 30 years has been a complicated path and full of challenges, accumulating a high number of negative results. Nevertheless, the advance in research and the development of new alternatives have made that currently gene therapy occupies a central position in the pharmaceutical market.

Coping with missing values ​​in clinical trials


When it comes to clinical trial statistical analysis, missing values are a major challenge that we need to address. Have they ever been a problem for you? If so, or if you just want to learn more about them, keep on reading!