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Sermes CRO awarded at the II Comunity of Madrid Awards of LA RAZÓN

The Counselor of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Giménez, yesterday presided at the headquarters of the newspaper the delivery of the II Community of Madrid Awards of LA RAZÓN.

Antonio Berlanga en los premios LA RAZÓN

Sermes CRO has been one of the companies awarded in this edition, with the award for Digital Transformation in Clinical Innovation.

These awards seek to value the role played, day by day, by workers, investors and entrepreneurs, to make Madrid a more a prosperous land.

The amazing progress made by this Community ‘is the result of a common effort of entrepreneurs, small, medium and large Companies’.

27 Companies have been distinguished in this 2020 edition:

  • Valdebebas
  • Dorna Sports
  • Cunef
  • Colegio Ofi cial de Gestores Administrativos de Madrid
  • Murprotec
  • OVB Allfi nanz España
  • DDB Tandem
  • Kaspersky
  • Grupo Inmobiliario Financiero Redpiso
  • Santem Pharmaceutical
  • Ontime Logistica Integral
  • Manolo Bakes
  • Laboratorio Cobas
  • Catenon
  • Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Madrid
  • Kiwoko PET
  • Tec Moon Colchones
  • Deluxe Content
  • Izharia Ingeniería y Consultoría
  • RTA Management
  • Kairos DS
  • Selecta España
  • Sermes CRO
  • Stoneweg Spain
  • Carlos Conde Peluqueros
  • Abex Excelencia Robótica
  • Aurinka Photovoltaic Group


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