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Azur Global Nutrition relies on Sermes CRO’s technological solutions

Azur Global Nutrition, leader in specialized solutions focused on immunonutrition, had many biological samples and clinical information coming from its research and development projects. They needed to organize and manage it in a systematic way. Sermes CRO then designed and created a personalized web portal that integrates application at user level and database. This solution allowed Azur Global Nutrition to work more efficiently, always measure their results and control the main process indicators

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Azur global nutrition Sermes CRO

Having many biological samples of lipid mediators is of great added value for a company specialized in ​​immunonutrition. Azur Global Nutrition works “to address the increasingly important health challenge by inflammation-based diseases”, as explained by Gustavo A. Higuera, Project Manager of Solutex / Azur Global Nutrition.

Azur Global Nutrition is a division of the Solutex group, a biotechnology industry whose headquarters are in Madrid. They are leaders in the manufacture and commercialization of high omega-3 concentrates, as well as pioneers in the manufacture and sale of SPMs. (Follow this link for more information about their products).

But the success of having a large number of biological samples of Omega-3, also entailed a great challenge. In the words of Gustavo Higuera, “we needed to organize and manage this biological and clinical information in a systematic way.” Sermes CRO IT team had the experience and knowledge to come up with the right solution.

Managing a large number of samples

“Our client needed to create a database that could store a large number of samples. They also needed a web application to manage that database so that both they and the researchers with whom they collaborate, could feed that database and modify its content”, explains José María Cerro, Senior Programmer at Sermes CRO and the lead of this project.

“The development of the science around Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPMs) was the main reason of our need for the database. SPMs are essential lipid mediators for the resolution of inflammation that help to restore homeostasis (organism stability). Nearly 100 SPMs have been discovered up to date and new ones continue to be discovered”, says Gustavo Higuera, Project Manager at Solutex / Azur Global Nutrition.

The solution provided by Sermes CRO for sorting these biological and clinical data obtained by our client, as well as allowing efficient access to them, has consisted of:

  1. The design and creation of the database structure.
  2. The development of the application for an efficient consultation of the data.

The first part of the application was composed of an administration part to manage the users and permissions of the application, add centers and studies. The other part, the main one, allowed the management of the samples field by field, that is, data by data; the import of samples with an Excel template and the export of the SPM data of the samples.

SPMs statistical data

Several groups of SPMs were set up, with the aim of calculating averages and standard deviations filtering by center, study, etc. The tool developed by Sermes CRO also allows to know and extract these statistical data for each individual SPM.

“Working with Sermes CRO has been a smooth experience from very early in the project, with good energy as a team, and clear communication. Sermes CRO’s experience in technological projects has been reflected in the fact that as a company we are benefiting from the application from a commercial and technical point of view. We have found the way and, more importantly, the result that we wanted. We will continue working with them in the future on new projects”, concludes Gustavo A. Higuera, Project Manager of Solutex / Azur Global Nutrition.

“From the moment they contacted us, it was clear that the added value that we could bring them was crucial and relevant, which, together with their know-how of biological samples and previous experience, could clearly lead to a successful collaboration for both companies, as it has finally been”, explains Ignacio Jiménez Puertas, IT Director of Sermes CRO.


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