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Bravo for diversity!

In the LGTBI pride week we want to state, once again, what defines us as an organization: at Sermes CRO we are a company with a soul, a company in which the human – and social – component have a main weight. When we say "bravo for diversity" it's not just words. We are talking about facts. Do you want to know why?

By Sermes CRO

Dia internacional del orgullo LGTBI Sermes CRO

We celebrate the pride of being ourselves, every day, since Sermes CRO was founded in 1997. Being a Special Employment Center has given us a vision of diversity that cuts across everything we do. It’s not about showing off, it’s not about getting on the bandwagon of multicolored flags that these days flood social networks… (Although, of course, we also wave ours).

It is simply a reality. Being a Special Employment Center means that 70% of us have a disability. It goes without saying that this does not prevent us from offering an impeccable, professional service at the level of an industry, that of clinical research, which requires demanding scientific and technical knowledge. Needless to say the above, but unfortunately, sometimes it is worth remembering.

As it is worth celebrating this week of pride, because, although we have come a long way, there is still much to be done. Diversity is just that: diverse… And there are still people who are reluctant to accept it. For us, the key word is inclusion because we all fit into it, whether we are people with some type of disability, or human beings who feel and love as they wish and, obviously, have the same right as anyone to have their human rights respected.

We all have the right to pursue our progress, whatever the reason for our diversity is!



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