Quality Policy

SERMES CRO is a company specialized in providing clinical research services to its clients: pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and independent researchers. SERMES CRO provides support throughout the development process of new medicinal products and therapies, from the earliest phases to post-marketing studies. The priority of SERMES CRO is to manage clinical trials with the aim of achieving the highest standards of Quality, regulatory compliance, profitability and applicable deadlines.      

SERMES CRO is composed of a group of technical professionals whose experience and training guarantee success in all the services it provides to its clients, achieving a high degree of loyalty.

Considering the increasingly competitive environment in which we develop our work, we maintain our professional commitment to all our clients and medical and social progress, based on a structure of highly qualified personnel with great flexibility and adaptability to their needs; all protected under Quality standards, and considering at all times the importance of and compliance with any recommendation, code or regulation of the sector, highlighting Good Clinical Practices as the main success factor for our Company.    

In SERMES CRO we seek at all times continuous improvement in the provision of our services, as well as in client care and customer service. With all this in mind, we guarantee:

  • Compliance with the requirements that apply to us, as well as the international and national regulations that govern our field of work, both with the client / sponsor andall the agents that may intervene in a clinical trial.
  • Maintenance of the highest training standards and professionalism of our staff in the activities that they carry out on a day-to-day basis, and management of the best use of our human and material resources in favor of client satisfaction.
  • Risk management as a basic pillar on which to work upon, in order to guarantee the best possible preventive tool, and thus, the daily business efficiency that characterizes us.
  • Full transparency of our Quality and Performance objectives to the company as well as to our interested parties.

The purpose of SERMES, with all the established processes, such as the Quality Policy, all of the Quality Management System tools and continuous improvement, is to achieve and maintain excellence in the work that we do.

The Management and the organization at all levels of Sermes CRO demonstrate their total commitment to the Quality Management System through the communication and provision of this Quality Policy to all interested parties, as appropriate.

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