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MSD grants Sermes CRO its Diversity Award 2022

MSD rewards Sermes CRO's diversity in its "Power of Inclusion Awards 2022", in the disability category. The global pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme selects us among all its vendors as the company that best represents the values of diversity and disability care

By Sermes CRO

Sermes CRO MSD disability power of inclusion awards

Every year we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (which takes place on the 3rd of December) with enthusiasm because it is in our DNA to care for diversity and empower the people who are part of Sermes CRO, whose workforce is made up of 70% of people with disabilities. But this year we have even more reasons to celebrate, because, on this occasion, it is our client MSD who has decided to award us with its prize for the best “Diverse Vendor 2022”.

We are confident in our work to achieve the full occupational and social integration of people with disabilities, we have been doing so for 25 years, but we are proud to see that our customers also value our mission. That is why we are greatly thankful to Merck Sharp & Dome for granting us this award.

At the award ceremony, in which our CEO participated virtually, we received the award from Olivia Dunn, Senior Specialist of Global Economic Inclusion and Supplier Diversity, and Raul Suarez Rodriguez, Director of Global Economic Inclusion and Supplier Diversity.

These were the words of Antonio Berlanga, CEO of Sermes CRO, at the “Power of Inclusion Awards 2022” awards ceremony:

“Receiving this award from Merck/MSD is an honor and a source of pride for us. It is, in fact, the best anniversary gift we could have in 2021, our 25th anniversary. We have so much to thank MSD for, with whom we have been working for 23 years, and because of which the history of Sermes CRO cannot be understood without you: you are special because in addition to being a business partner to us, you are a partner in values,” he explained. For Berlanga, beyond commercial contracts, the important part about our relationship with MSD is that “we share values, we share attitudes, and we share a culture that goes beyond the figures in our annual accounts. The respect for diversity unites us. That is why we are particularly excited to receive this award for Diverse Partner of the Year – Disability Category from you.”

“At Sermes CRO we work every day so that our employees, with or without disabilities, achieve excellence in each and every one of their actions, whether it is the simple filing of a document or complex tasks that require in-depth knowledge of clinical research. At Sermes CRO we are proud of each person on the team! On behalf of everyone, thank you very much for this award,” he concluded.

Sermes CRO MSD disability awards power of inclusion


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