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José Alberto Catalá Hernansáiz, new CISO of Sermes CRO

We strengthen our information security management with the appointment as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of José Alberto Catalá Hernansáiz, whose professional career has been linked to information technologies for 28 years, and to IT security-related positions for the last 5 years

By Sermes CRO

José Alberto Catalá Hernansáiz, nuevo CISO de Sermes CRO

In addition to his position as head of the Sermes CRO IT Unit, he has now been appointed as chief information security officer in our company. Therefore, he will lead all matters related to strategy, architecture, operations and governance of information security. José Alberto Catalá Hernansáiz has 28 years of experience in IT areas, as well as 5 years as a member of security committees in other companies.

With an Interuniversity Master’s in Information Technology and Communications Security (MISTIC), the head of IT and now also CISO of Sermes CRO achieved the highest qualification (honors degree) in his Master’s thesis, which dealt with the implementation of an ISMS.

Information security is a priority for Sermes CRO, to ensure the security of both our assets and our clients’ information: pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology companies and independent researchers. In this context, the secure management of data, some of which are highly sensitive (both from the point of view of the confidentiality of clinical research and from the perspective of the patients who participate in it), is essential.

“Since his arrival at Sermes CRO a year ago, José Alberto has contributed enormously to the digital transformation process of our company from his position as head of IT. We are sure that his new appointment as CISO will help us in the process of continuous improvement in which we frame every process and task within the company,” says Antonio Berlanga, CEO of Sermes CRO.


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