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Julio Bonis, appointed as Artificial Intelligence & Big Data director at Sermes CRO

We strengthen our Artificial Intelligence & Big Data department with the appointment of its new manager, Julio Bonis, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence applied to the healthcare sector.

Julio Bonis Dtor IA Big Data Sermes CRO

Julio Bonis has joined the Sermes CRO team as the Artificial Intelligence & Big Data department director. He is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer specializing in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and will lead a team of eight people focused on developing solutions to make clinical research operations more efficient.

With a degree in Medicine, an Executive MBA, and a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Epidemiology, he has recently worked as a consultant on Artificial Intelligence applied to the healthcare sector in projects for different companies worldwide. He has also held positions as Senior Engineer in Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation. During his time at the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices), he was part of the BIFAP Project, in Real World Evidence studies on medical records databases.

“I am particularly interested in clinical predictive models and natural language processing,” says Bonis, who from now on will bring his experience and expertise to the Artificial Intelligence & Big Data department at Sermes CRO.

The company is developing different solutions focused on overcoming obstacles during clinical research. “The ultimate goal is to bring greater efficiency to non-clinical processes, such as the management of clinical trial documentation, which currently slow down the progress of potential new treatments. If we speed up the process, this will improve people’s quality of life in a shorter period of time,” concludes Antonio Berlanga, CEO of Sermes CRO.

Bonis is the author of several scientific publications and co-author of the recently published book “Manual práctico de inteligencia artificial en entornos sanitarios” [A Practical Handbook on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Environments].


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